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It seems after many years of web development I can no longer get away without having a website of my own. I have had various site up at this URL over the years but this time I am going for a very simple and basic approach. Here you can learn a little about my skill set and see some examples of the work that I have done for over 100 clients. Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions.

About Me

I first got in to web development in 2002 (12 years old) when my Uncle bought be the domain name After reading a variety of books and helpful online tutorials ( was my favorite) I started building some website with basic HTML/CSS. Check out some of my original sites with the Wayback Machine. It wasn't until 2011 that I got my first job professionally building websites, up until the point my web dev exposure was limited to freelance work I did. I began working at IEK Solutions where we primarily built websites for our clients using the CMS Joomla! but some work we did was custom. In 2012 IEK Solutions closed their doors at which point I bought out their servers and continues to maintain and host their clients. I next started work a company where I did custom web dev work on their clients websites. It was here that I began my software development education and found my true passion. Today I still stay involved in my roots with web dev projects but spend the majority of my time further educating myself in the world of software development with several projects I am very excited to be working on.

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Projects I've Worked On

I have been fortunate enough to have worked on some very cool projects over the years. Below are some companies I have done work for

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